10U Division Tournamet Bracket – 4/22/18
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11U Division Tournament Bracket – 4/22/18
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13U Division Tournament Bracket – 4/22/18
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14U Division Tournament Bracket – 4/22/18
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It’s Almost here!  Call 618-388-1000 to get ahead of the pace for the spring of 2018!

Britton’s Bullpen 2018 Tournaments.  We invite you to play in our April and May tournaments this spring!  Our tournaments are well organized and feature experienced umpires.  

NOW OFFERING 5 PACKS OF LESSONS FOR $125  (normally $150).  See SERVICES tab for more details

Click here for revised pricing sheet or view on Services Page

“Britton’s Bullpen instruction and overall knowledge of the game of baseball is second to none. With nearly 10 years of professional experience, Phil Britton knows exactly what’s needed to elevate the game of anyone focused and driven enough to learn and put in the work. Young ball players of all ages have an opportunity to pick the brain of a guy who’s rubbed shoulders with some of the best in the game. Not to mention, the facilities alone are the best in the area. If I had the chance as a kid to sharpen my skills at Britton’s Bullpen, I know I’d be setting myself up for success.” -Jerad Eickhoff, Philadelphia Phillies – Pitcher

Get your friends together and let loose at Britton’s Bullpen for your next birthday party! The Nerf Battle will include our Inflatable as the center piece which gives players a perfect place to snipe, and play “King of the Hill”. We will also have other obstacles placed throughout the building to hide behind. There is also the option of using the fog machine, black lights, and music blasting while the Nerf Battle takes place. For more information and pricing visit the Services page or contact Phil to schedule your next party/event. Not only for kids!! 

Britton’s Bullpen is using its apparel store as a team fundraiser.
During checkout, type in the team name or player you’d like to support and the proceeds of the merchandise will go directly towards that team. Thank you for your continued support for all our players! (9u – 10u – 12u – 13u – 14u  – 15u – 16u)

Monday-Thursday: 3:30p – 4:30p | 4:30a – 5:30p | 5:30p – 6:30p | 6:30p – 7:30p | 7:30p – 8:30p
Friday-Sunday: Instructor Schedules
Please contact Phil, Ryan, Matt, Kimberlin, Pierce or Sophia to set up your time