Mt. Carmel Clinics in July

Mt. Carmel Clinics at the Mt. Carmel Little League baseball diamonds.

7s, 8s, 9s: 1p-2:30p
10s, 11s, 12s: 3p-4:30p:

Tuesday July 9th: Pitching fundamentals. Teaching the wind up, stretch, balance and direction drills are our prime focus in this segment. 

Tuesday July 16th: Outfield fundamentals.
This is an expansion off of the previous outfield workout. Using the correct angles of pursuit, urgency to throw to the cutoff and fly ball communication. 

Tuesday July 23rd: Infield Fundamentals.
This segment will focus on a “ready” position. Having our body timed to move when the baseball is hit. Anticipation drills, Mass ground balls, and relays to bases will be a primary focus. 

Cost is $20 per clinc
Pay at the door